“You were the best thing that could have happened to our grandson this year. You have made all the difference in the world.”

Carol, grandmother of a 5th grader

“Thank you for helping me with reading. My mom says I can read the dictionary now I am so good at it!”

Kelsey, 4th grade student

“What can a parent possibly say to the people who made a little boy believe in himself? Recommend KnowledgeQuest? I sing your praises daily. You are a wonderful group of people.”

Sally, mother of a 3rd grader

“We have been more than happy with the time spent at KnowledgeQuest. Our children were thrilled to learn in the environment you created for them. Our whole family gives you much thanks.”

Bryan, father of 1st and 5th graders

“I saw an increase in my child’s confidence as a result of coming to KnowledgeQuest. Her grades really improved.”

Margaret, mother of a 4th grader

“The staff at KnowledgeQuest are always helpful and well educated to lead my children to learn from them.”

Miki, mother of 7th and 8th graders

“My daughter has enjoyed every minute and she had come so far! Thanks for helping her find her confidence.”

Lisa, mother of a 3rd grader

“We wanted to thank you for making the time to attend our son’s IEP. We believe your participation in the review and planning for his special needs is essential to his success. We are extremely pleased with KnowledgeQuest’s overall support. Especially the individual assistance you provide.”

Sheri, mother of a 6th grader

“My daughter really gets a lot from your program. She always comes out smiling.”

Carol, mother of an 11th grader

“All of you are very special people. You not only teach our children, but you also care for them too. Even though our son was not doing well, you never gave up on him. I found your support a great help. Everyone always made the time to talk to me. Your time and effort was greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!”

Vicky, mother of a 2nd grader

“Thank you all. I feel more confident now and I enjoy reading.”

Elizabeth, 10th grade student