Our Programs

Beginning Reading Program

Many little readers are ready to join our programs at age five – some even earlier. Their natural curiosity is carefully nurtured in an individualized program that covers letter recognition, letter sounds, phonics, sight vocabulary, penmanship, listening comprehension, and even at-home reinforcement activities.

Phonics Program

Our phonics program is designed for kindergartners and first graders ready to learn how to read. The following skills will be introduced during the course of this program: Phonics, Comprehension, Vocabulary

Academic Reading Program

This program is designed to develop and advance phonics, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. Students in grades 2-12 learn critical reading and thinking skills, how to analyze and integrate data, and ways to effectively utilize these skills

Writing Program

This composition development program focuses on proper sentence structure, strong paragraph development, and essays to describe, narrate, explain, persuade, and compare/contrast. Spelling, grammar and language mechanics are supported throughout this course appropriate for students in grades 1-2 and 3-12

Math Program

This individualized program covers it all, from Basic Math to Pre-Algebra and Pre-Geometry. The concepts are presented with a multi-sensory approach, so that students understand, not simply memorize, the math principles.

Homework Help

This program is a tutorial-based program that supports the student’s classroom activities and assignments. Credentialed teachers provide assistance and extra support in completing school assignments and preparing for tests. We offer help in basic math, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Integrated Math courses, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics


This program prescribes a customized program for improving verbal skills, math skills, and test taking strategies for the HSPT. Students are exposed to sample test and are guided through most commonly missed questions and traps on the test.

SAT Prep

We prescribe a customized program for improving skills and test taking strategies for the SAT. Students are taught how to approach the SAT and are exposed to computerized and written sample tests. They are guided through the most commonly missed questions and traps on the SAT while building skills in reading, writing, and mathematics.